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Cooking for Christmas!
With Montpellier's range of freestanding and built-in cookers. The classic country style range come in 60cm, 90cm and 100cm. Built-in hobs, Hoods & Splashbacks, Microwaves & Warming Drawers.

Montpellier offer a lovely range of freestanding and built-in refrigeration including their 1950s style Retro range of Frost Free Fridge/Freezers, Top Mounting and the popular Mini Style in great colours. All with a 2 Year Guarantee.

Freezer Guard Technology

You can put your freezer in the garage or outbuilding!

Ensures your freezer will always function properly even if temperatures drop to as low as -15*C


Treat yourselves to a new dishwasher this Christmas! Quality Bosch, Siemens & Beko including freestanding, integrated, full size, slimline and table top models. Appliances delivered & connected - and the old one taken away.
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